William Regal Draws Comparisons Between Orange Cassidy & Rey Mysterio

William Regal

Despite them seemingly having some stark contrasts, William Regal can look at Orange Cassidy and Rey Mysterio in the same light.

Known as one of the most proficient technical wrestlers around during his days inside the squared circle, William Regal was known for being able to pull a good match out of anyone on the right day.

In a recent edition of his Gentleman Villain podcast, the former leader of The Blackpool Combat Club discussed how he would have loved to have stepped in the ring with Orange Cassidy, in much the same way he was excited to wrestle Rey Mysterio.

As soon as I saw Rey Mysterio, I was saying “Please, put me on with him.” No different than now, although I’m not wrestling, if I see Orange Cassidy. “Please, put me on with him.” Cos I’ll make him into a somebody better than … and if this offends people, great. That’s their problem. I could make him into as good of a good guy as anyone. Knowing the skillset that I know. And I’d be happy to wrestle [Orange]. Rey Mysterio was the same. Perfect for me. Soon as I saw Evan Bourne [Matt Sydal]? Perfect for me. Please put me on with him.

William Regal went on to discuss the qualities which have elevated Orange Cassidy up the AEW rankings.

Somebody who the people have taken to their hearts. It’s very rare, ever, the people take a talent into their hearts. And they’ve taken him into their hearts. If you know how to manipulate that, and to tell the story with it, it’s easy as far as being a professional.

Recently leaving AEW to return to WWE with a backstage role at NXT, William Regal today commented on all the speculation about what has been going on behind the scenes.

With thanks to 411Mania for the transcription.