Will Ospreay Thought Triple H Deserved Jab On AEW Dynamite

Will Ospreay/ Triple H split

It was Will Ospreay’s idea to take a shot at Triple H.

On the April 10th episode of Dynamite, Will Ospreay reacted to a dig at AEW talent from Triple H during WrestleMania weekend. After The Game said some didn’t want to “grind” to be with WWE, Ospreay said Triple H was only in the position he is because he’d been “grinding” on the boss’ daughter.

Many took the comment from Triple H to be a personal jab at Ospreay.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer confirmed it was Ospreay who came up with the idea to hit back. The British star took his idea to Tony Khan and reportedly said he’d take responsibility for it.

Ospreay felt the comment from Triple H was a cheap shot given that he’d been respectful when discussing WWE, and those involved in negotiations were aware of why he wanted to remain living in the UK. Given the circumstances and the comments themselves, Ospreay felt he was more than within his rights to hit back.

He noted that WWE knew all along he wanted to remain living in the U.K. because Windsor, needs to be around her family and they want to raise his stepson in London…

Ospreay said in negotiations with both sides that Windsor wanted to stay in the U.K. with her family because she lost her husband in 2020 to a suicide and he said he would do everything he could to have them stay in the U.K., where she had her family’s support He said that everyone he negotiated with was aware of this and thus felt it was a real low blow to make that remark about him.

Will Ospreay Almost Took Shot At CM Punk

Meanwhile, it’s also been reported that Will Ospreay almost took a shot at CM Punk on Dynamite.

While doing media over WrestleMania weekend, Punk made a reference to the British star getting a tattoo to commemorate the attendance for All In. A pop-back at the comment was discussed, but AEW ultimately decided against it, given they were already airing footage of Punk’s fight with Jack Perry.