Will Ospreay Reveals Why He Might Never Wrestle Full-Time In The US

Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay has revealed when his contract with NJPW ends but admits there is one reason he might never make the full-time move to the US.

Will Ospreay stole the show at Wrestle Kingdom 17 as he put on a wrestling clinic with AEW star Kenny Omega in the co-main event. After over thirty minutes of thrilling and hard-hitting action, Omega put away Ospreay with the Kamigoye and One Winged Angel to recapture the IWGP US Championship.

In an interview with Fightful, Will Ospreay revealed when his NJPW contract will expire but says he thinks he might be in Japan for a while longer as he has worries about moving full-time to the USA:

“It’s flattering to know where people want me to show up and where they want me to go. I signed a five-year [deal] in 2019, so that will be up next year. My heart says I’ll still be with New Japan. I won’t lie, I have mad anxiety when it comes to America just because I come from such a small area and America is so big. I’ve only really dipped my toes into American wrestling.”

“I did my stint with Ring of Honor, but I think I wrestled there maybe ten times. I kind of like to arrive and leave, and not stick around too long. That’s no one’s fault besides my own. It’s a mad anxiety that I do have.”

“The time that I did have with AEW did open my eyes and what I think that I know about myself and how good I am as a professional wrestler, being over there did make me take a step back and say, ‘maybe there is more to learn.’ My heart does belong to New Japan. These guys are the reason why I am a star.”

“There was the EVOLVE contract and that could have opened doorways, but I knew, in my heart, if I stuck it out with New Japan and worked hard, no one has the work ethic that I do when it comes to wrestling. A lot of guys put their work ethic in social media, bodies, and other ventures outside of wrestling, but my whole thing is, I wanted to be one of the best wrestlers going, and that’s down to everything New Japan has done.”

“The thing that works with New Japan is, I can stay in Essex, fly out, business class, head over, and live a real comfy life where I’ve got my family and New Japan, but with other options, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but my heart says New Japan.”

Will Ospreay added that the money is on in NJPW is “phenomenal” and notes that he enjoys the freedom being part of the company gives him in the ring:

“Money talks these days. I’m on phenomenal money, it’s money that I could literally only dream of. It’s one of those things where, I want to make sure my mum and dad never have to work again. I want to make sure this house is paid off one day. I still got 24 damn years left on the mortgage. A long way of bumping and feeding to go.”

“I’m just inspired to wrestle at my best and to have complete freedom of who I am as a wrestler. If anyone else had control of me – New Japan allows me to be as fluid and crazy as I want. Having someone else have control of me does intimidate me a little bit because I’m not the best actor, but I’m one of the best wrestlers.”