Kenny Omega Explains What Winning IWGP US Title Means To Him

kenny omega iwgp us champion

Kenny Omega has opened up about what the IWGP US Heavyweight Champion means to him as he looks to win it back at Wrestle Kingdom 17.

As the first-ever IWGP (New Japan) United States Heavyweight Champion, Kenny Omega knows how important that title is for anybody competing in New Japan. It was on July 2nd, 2017 when Omega became the first man to hold that title. Omega’s reign as champion lasted 210 days (seven months) and due to his status as a main event performer in NJPW, the fact that he held the title made it feel important right away.

At Wrestle Kingdom 17 on January 4th, the former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega heads back to New Japan to challenge the current IWGP US Champion Will Ospreay in a matchup between two wrestlers that some people believe are among the best wrestlers in the world.

In an interview with NJPW’s website, Omega talked about the IWGP US Title while also taking some shots at his rival Ospreay.

“I am the first ever US champion. The matches that I had on American soil for New Japan Pro-Wrestling will be revered as some of the greatest of all time. And what you have to remember, Will, is though you carry that belt, and though you defended it around the world and done a great job as a champion, what you’re carrying is essentially something that was never meant for you.”

“That belt, that gold was forged for me. There was never a thought of Will Ospreay. Not one ounce of Will Ospreay went into the care, the passion and the artistry of that belt. Every bit about that belt was meant for me. Every defence I had was memorable. The time that I won that belt, unforgettable.”

“What have you done that people haven’t forgotten? What have you done that was legendary? As far as I’m concerned, that belt’s on loan. I’ve lent you my property and now it’s time to give it back to its rightful owner.”

Kenny Omega continued talking about how the IWGP US Title means a lot to him because he believes it was meant for him, not Ospreay.

“That belt, sure it isn’t the AEW Heavyweight Championship, not the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, not the trios belts that I’m trying to win back. But rest assured, Will, a belt that the most prestigious wrestling company in the world made just for me? Yeah, that means a lot to me. And um, if you’re not just going to mail it back, be a nice old bloke, then I’m just going to have to take it back by force.”