Will Ospreay More Charismatic Than Cody Rhodes Says Dave Meltzer

Will Ospreay Cody Rhodes split

Dave Meltzer believes Will Ospreay has surpassed Cody Rhodes.

2023 was arguably the biggest year of Will Ospreay’s career with the star delivering a string of stellar matches before officially signing with AEW in November. After finishing up his commitments with NJPW, Ospreay instantly made a splash as a full-time AEW star with a win over Konosuke Takeshita at Revolution.

Ospreay signed with AEW despite heavy interest from WWE. It’s been reported that some within WWE were disappointed with the offer Triple H made Will Ospreay, suggesting it was way too low.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave his thoughts on how everything played out. He claimed that Ospreay was the most talented wrestler in the world, adding that he’s got more charisma than Cody Rhodes.

“WWE doesn’t ‘need’ him – they don’t ‘need’ anyone. But he is the most talented wrestler in the world, and it was a miss by WWE not getting him. He’s got more charisma than Cody Rhodes, and look at Cody Rhodes there, you know? “I’ve seen him in programs, I saw him with the Kenny Omega promo, I saw him with Michael Oku, he can do that stuff. There was the question, but even the promo on Wednesday, it’s like, he can be that guy.

It would take him a little while to get to the Seth Rollins level, but once he got there, he would surpass him. And with Cody, Cody has so much goodwill – I’m not saying he would surpass Cody, but in time he probably would just because he’s 30 and Cody’s 38. He’s on the way up and Cody’s (already) there. “In the ring, he’s much better than Cody.

Cody’s fantastic as a character, and his story, he really made the story work. “The funny part is, essentially, Will can do the same story in AEW. It won’t be as big because they don’t have a Roman Reigns opponent, and the AEW Title historically doesn’t mean as much as the WWE Title to as many people. But they can still do that story.”

Will Ospreay Set For Dream Match

In the days after AEW Revolution, Will Ospreay found his next challenger in the form of Bryan Danielson.

It has since been confirmed that the pair will meet at AEW Dynasty on April 21st in St. Louis, Missouri. The show will mark the first time an event has been run under the ‘Dynasty’ banner, and the clash remains the only match to be formally confirmed.

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