Will Ospreay Makes Bold Statement About Wrestling Future

Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay made a very interesting comment about his future in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The IGWP United States Championship will be up for grabs at NJPW Power Struggle on November 4 when Will Ospreay faces Shota Umino in the main event of the show taking place in Osaka, Japan.

It is a big match for a number of reasons, including Ospreay’s wrestling future because his contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling expires in February 2024.

At a pre-show press conference, Will Ospreay spoke to Umino about the importance of the match while also saying that “my time is running out” on his NJPW career.

“I’ve grown up in front of them. This is why there is a connection issue. They want to see sacrifice. They want to see you sacrifice. For eight years I’ve been in New Japan Pro Wrestling. They’ve seen me as a 22-year-old boy. I’m a 30-year-old man now, bruv. They feel safe with New Japan in my hands. They want to feel safe in your hands because my time is running out. I want you to dethrone me.”

“I want you to beat me because I care about New Japan. I want it safe. I want it in safe hands. If you don’t come tomorrow, wanting to rip my face off, wanting to beat me to a bloody pulp because they’ve seen me bleed and sacrifice. I’ve missed funerals, my friends, and family because I’m constantly here giving my everything to New Japan Pro Wrestling.”

Will Ospreay would go on to show his “Grow Up” tattoo while telling Umino to beat him in their match.

“Right there, that says ‘Grow Up.’ I’ve grown up in front of you guys. I’ve given you my heart. I’ve become a man in front of your eyes. You guys have depended on me, and every single time I’ve been given the ball, I have not dropped it. I have fought for everyone here.”

“In the darkest times, everyone has said, ‘It’s okay, give the ball to Ospreay.’ The time is running out. You need to fight! You need to beat me. No, you’re not Omega, you’re not Okada, you’re not Takagi, you’re not Jericho, you’re not Tsuji, you’re not Zack Sabre Jr, you’re not Mike Bailey, you’re f**king Shota Umino. Fight for all of them, take this from me. If you don’t, I don’t feel safe leaving New Japan in your hands.”

Is Will Ospreay Open To Working For WWE?

While he has called New Japan home for the last eight years, Will Ospreay admitted recently that he is open to the possibility of working for WWE. That comment from Ospreay included the former IWGP saying, with regard to his family, that “we are open to the idea of relocating to the United States.”

By mentioning a willingness to relocate to the US, Ospreay is also opening the door for a possible future in AEW and IMPACT Wrestling/TNA as well.

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