Will Ospreay “Open” To WWE Move

will ospreay aew all in entrance

Will Ospreay has admitted he could move to WWE in 2024 while sending a warning to Seth Rollins.

The British star has been open about the fact his contract with New Japan Pro-Wrestling expires in February 2024, and that could see him move on. For a number of months, the accepted wisdom has been that Ospreay will sign with AEW due to his existing relationships there, while he’ll be free to keep living in the UK and working wherever the mood takes him.

There was a belief, even backed up by the man himself, that a move to WWE would be off the table as it would require him to move to the United States.

However, it seems that things are no longer as black and white.

Speaking to Alistair McGeorge for The Metro, Ospreay said he’s “open to all options,” and he’s feeling more positive about living in the US.

”I mean, we have spoke about it more. I’m now open to the idea of stretching myself out that little bit more. As age has become more apparent to me and my body is hurting more and more, I’m open to all avenues. I’ve had a lot of talks with my friends about this, and I have spoke to the missus.

Although we’ve spent so much money on our new kitchen, we are open to the idea of relocating to the United States.”

Will Ospreay Sends Warning To Seth Rollins

During the conversation, Ospreay also addressed comments from Seth Rollins. During a recent promo, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion said when he’s at 100% he’s the best in the world. Not willing to take the slight lying down, Ospreay said that if he met Rollins at 100% the WWE star would “drown.”

“But now it’s time for me to really gauge and see what’s out there. So the Seth thing does intrigue me quite a lot. I heard him say in a promo, his 100% is the best in the world.

My 50% is the best in the world, so if you actually got me at 100% I think you’d drown in these waters mate.”

Speaking elsewhere, Will Ospreay said a move to IMPACT Wrestling also isn’t out of the question.