Will Ospreay – “I’m Better Than Anyone Else” At Pro Wrestling

NJPW Will Ospreay IWGP UK Title

Will Ospreay isn’t shy about telling the world just how good he is at being a pro wrestler.

It is fair to say that the year 2023 has been a very good one for the current IWGP UK Champion Will Ospreay. After all, the former IWGP World Champion has faced and beaten some of the biggest names in pro wrestling this year like Kazuchika Okada, Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho most recently at AEW All In London.

When it comes to match quality, Ospreay is also considered one of the best in the world. In fact, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has rated 28 of Ospreay’s matches at five stars or higher. While match ratings are all subjective and up to a personal opinion, it’s still impressive considering Ospreay is only 30 years old with many more in pro wrestling ahead of him.

In an interview with New Japan Pro Wrestling’s official website, Ospreay said he means what he says about being on another level from any pro wrestler.

“I’ve said for so long, that little catchphrase. ‘My name’s Will Ospreay and I am on another level’. I say it as a catchphrase, but I genuinely do mean it. I genuinely believe I’m on a level above any other professional wrestler. I don’t do anything gimmicky in my matches. I don’t dance, I don’t have my hands in my pockets, don’t try to make people laugh. I get in the ring, the bell rings and I’m better than anyone else. So for me, whatever I choose to do, wherever I go, the wrestling world revolves around me.”

While Ospreay thinks highly of himself and many others do as well, Ospreay was kept out of the top ten on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s ranking of the 500 best pro wrestlers in the world. Ospreay was ranked at #17 in the list.

Will Ospreay believes nobody is better than him

As the interview continued, Ospreay made it clear that he believes nobody in pro wrestling is better than him while adding that it’s not a burden to him.

“A burden, no, but it is tolling, it is taxing. I thrive in that situation. I live for that. I want to see if anyone can knock me off my throne, and I don’t think that anyone can. I don’t think there’s anyone that can say they are consistently, on point, the best in the world. I don’t think anyone can, not in AEW, not in WWE and not in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Nobody can say they’re better than Will Ospreay.”

Recently, Will Ospreay was a little dismayed about a recent tattoo he got about the AEW All In attendance number, which apparently wasn’t as accurate as it appeared to be.