Will Ospreay Discusses Being An Inspiration To Fans With Autism

Will Ospreay AEW International Title

Will Ospreay has a message for fans looking to follow in his footsteps.

After rising from humble beginnings in London, England, Will Ospreay established himself as one of the best wrestlers on the planet, first in NJPW and more recently in AEW.

However, the star’s incredible success hasn’t been easy, and he’s regularly spoken on dealing with ADHD, dyslexia, and autism.

In a new interview with Alistair McGeorge for The Metro, Ospreay opened up about life as an autistic wrestler, commenting that it’s helped him achieve so much.

“I feel like it’s excelled my abilities to the point where I do think I’m at a superhero level, super genius level of pro wrestling now. But I honestly don’t know. The truth is, I take every single day as it comes. I do feel like this has helped me out so much because it helped me dive into something that I genuinely love, and I think about constantly and I want everyone else to feel the same love that I feel.”

The star added that he’s never tried to be a role model, and although he doesn’t see himself in that role even now, he understands why people look up to him.

“But in the same way, I do understand when people see someone and go, I’ve got the same thing as you do and you’re on this stage. So like I do get it. And like, the goal was never gonna be an electrician or a good one anyway, I’ve blown up about four or five kitchens. [laughs] But like I was just obsessed and like I had like a fixation on wrestling.”

Ospreay urged others with autism not to let it hold them back, but instead use it to push forward.

“If anyone is struggling with that and is struggling to find their joy and their happiness, because they feel like this is holding you back – don’t let it hold you back. Look straight ahead at where you want to get to and then you’ll find a way of getting there.”

Will Ospreay Offered To Lose Major Match

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that Will Ospreay pushed to lose to Swerve Strickland at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door. The British star and Strickland have been friends for several years, and Ospreay reportedly pitched his match with the World Champion as a way of solidifying him in the role.

The report noted that Ospreay wanted to prove that no one on the roster should be above losing to the World Champion.