AEW Star Will Ospreay Pushed To Lose Major Match

Will Ospreay holding 2 AEW titles

Will Ospreay has been flexing his creative muscles.

Although Swerve Strickland winning the AEW World Championship was a major moment, some fans have been decidedly down on his run at the top of the company. These doubters have suggested Stickland’s reign is nothing more than a placeholder until Will Ospreay is made the chosen one.

However, when the pair finally met in the ring at Forbidden Door, it was the champion who retained the gold.

According to a new report from Fightful Select, Ospreay was very aware of the criticism of Strickland and decided to do something about it. The British star, who is a long-time friend of Strickland, reportedly approached AEW management and offered to put the star over. Ospreay is said to have “big creative plans” lined up for the rest of 2024, so saw little issue with working to solidify Strickland.

The report claims Ospreay made the approach shortly after winning the International Title and wanted to show that no one should be above losing to the World Champion. Some in the company said, “A point was proven as a result.”

Despite considerable speculation, a match between Ospreay and Strickland at All In has never been on the cards. `

AEW sources stated that Ospreay has been great to deal with since joining the company and has helped others backstage when required.

MJF Hints At Will Ospreay Clash

During an interview with Busted Open, MJF made it clear he has no desire to chase Swerve Strickland for the AEW World Championship.

The former champion said it made little sense to go after Strickland while he’s performing at such a high level. Instead, MJF said he was willing to bide his time. He did, however, make clear his disdain for Will Ospreay.

In recent weeks tensions have been rising between the pair on television, and during the match between Ospreay and Strickland, MJF was shown watching backstage.