MJF Reveals If He Plans To Go After AEW World Title

mjf aew double or nothing world title

Former AEW World Champion MJF has given his thoughts on whether he plans to pursue the title once again.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman had a record-setting reign as the AEW World Champion. The 28-year-old Friedman is the youngest AEW World Champion ever and he also held the title for a record 406 days, which is 60 days longer than Kenny Omega’s title reign.

After losing the AEW World Title to Samoa Joe at World’s End on the second-last day of 2023, MJF took a lengthy absence to recover from multiple injuries. It was over five months later when he returned to the ring.

At the AEW-NJPW Forbidden Door PPV, MJF beat Hechicero in the opening match of the PPV portion of the broadcast. It could be considered an easy victory as Friedman put away Hechicero with a brainbuster.

MJF Plans To Pick His Spot When It Comes To AEW World Title

While speaking to Busted Open Radio, MJF made it clear that he’s in no rush to go after the AEW World Title.

“I know how to pick my spots. Right now is not the time. I know when the time is. Right now it’s not. Swerve is on a god damn roll. I don’t like him. I’d as far to say that I hate him. We don’t agree on anything. We look at professional wrestling in entirely different ways. I’d say that I have more disdain for (Will) Ospreay than I do for him.”

“I’ve never seen a guy more locked in than Shane Strickland is right now. Sorry, ‘Swerve.’ The guy is absolutely locked in. He’s next level right now. Do I want to deal with him at the moment, when he’s 100% and I am still healing from a shoulder injury? Do you think that’s bright?”

“I’m a man that picks my spots. Everyone else in this company is dumb. Everyone in this company works hard. Working hard is for suckers. It’s stupid. I work smart. That title will be around my waist again because I’m the best professional wrestler in the world. The reason I’m the best in the world is because I’m the smartest professional wrestler in the world. Right now is not the time or the place.”

During the aforementioned Swerve Strickland-Will Ospreay match, MJF was shown watching on a TV backstage. MJF has also had staredowns with Ospreay, the AEW International Champion, in the ring. Whether that means MJF will face Ospreay soon is not known yet, but it certainly would be a big match to do at the AEW All In PPV on August 25th.

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