Will Ospreay Deletes Dismayed Reaction To All In Attendance Doubts

Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay has shared and then deleted his reaction to doubts cast over the AEW All In attendance.

Despite not being part of the AEW roster, Will Ospreay was on the card for All In at Wembley Stadium where he picked up a huge win over Chris Jericho in front of a reported 81,035 paying fans.

AEW All In has been commemorated as a permanent part of Ospreay’s body as he’s gotten a new tattoo. As pointed out by Twitter user Drainmaker, Ospreay’s new tattoo pays tribute to multiple aspects of AEW All In, including the date of the show and its record-breaking attendance.

• 51.5560° N, 0.2796° W (Wembley Stadium coordinates)
• XXVII VIII MMXXIII (27 August 2023)
• 20:28 (London time of his match w/Jericho)
• 81,035 paid attendance

Wrestling for AEW inside Wembley clearly was a dream come true for Ospreay. Next year will be very interesting.

Will Ospreay can only laugh at AEW All In attendance confusion

A Freedom of Information was made to Brent Council – the local authority in which Wembley Stadium is situated – regarding the All In attendance and it confirmed the following in regards to numbers which passed through the turnstiles at the venue on the day:

“The actual numbers registered entering the Stadium through the turnstiles was 72,265 – this is reflective of what attended on the night and not the total number of tickets sold or no-shows etc.”

While the company may well have sold 81,035 tickets for the show, Brent Council’s response suggests that almost 10,000 fewer than that number actually passed into Wembley on the day of All In.

Following that revelation, Will Ospreay took to social media to share – before deleting – a video where he explained his dismay at the attendance on his new ink might not be accurate:

“Bruv, you cannot make this f*cking sh*t up. I am currently in Japan. I’ve had no f*cking sleep, I am tired. This is the worst f*cking day of my life [laughs]. Do you know how hard it was for me to get a tattoo? My mom f*cking hates them, bruv. They announced it to everyone. They announced it as 81,000 people. I’ve got this f*cking thing on my arm [laughs].”

Whether Ospreay will update his tattoo or if further clarification is made by AEW regarding the attendance confusion remains to be seen.