Will Ospreay Says AEW All In London “Changed My Life”

Will Ospreay on AEW Dynamite

Will Ospreay may have talked some trash to Chris Jericho ahead of his match at AEW All In, but he has left the show humble and grateful.

Ospreay has wrestled all over the world in venues big and small, but prior to this past Sunday he had never wrestled in such a large venue with so many people in attendance.

As per several reports, AEW All In made history with one of the largest confirmed attendance records in history with 81,035 fans on hand at Wembley Stadium.

For Will Ospreay, this was his chance to showcase his style in front of one of the largest gatherings of wrestling fans in modern times, and the experience has left him anything but arrogant or in the mood to brag.

Shortly after the event ended, Ospreay took to Twitter to thank all his fans and everyone else involved forgiving him the chance to showcase what he can do and to represent British wrestling in front of so many people.

“The gratitude I have for you all that have followed my career throughout this crazy journey is genuinely overwhelming. Last night you & AEW truly changed my life. Honoured not only to represent my family, NJPW but represent British wrestling at Wembley Stadium. Thank you so much.”

What’s next for Will Ospreay?

Will Ospreay continues to wrestle all around the world and doesn’t appear to be tied down to any one company besides New Japan. But since that promotion works on a touring schedule, he can wrestle more or less anywhere else as long as he can balance doing so with his NJPW commitments.

Having just finished a rigorous tour with NJPW for their annual G1 Climax tournament, Ospreay appears to be headed for IMPACT Wrestling for the foreseeable future as AEW appears to be waiting for a later date to announce or tease Ospreay’s expected third match with Kenny Omega.