Will Ospreay Admits What He Needs To Work On

Will Ospreay

Former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay has been reflecting on his time in New Japan Pro Wrestling and what he feels he needs to work on.

Will Ospreay has been working for NJPW since 2016, and is the leader of the United Empire faction.

The Three-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion and One-time United States Champion has established his reputation as one of the greatest talents currently working in Professional Wrestling.

With rumors his time in Japan may soon be coming to an end, Ospreay has been discussing what it’s like working in New Japan, and how he wants to develop his promo skills for the American audience.

Ospreay has already worked for Ring of Honor, and last year teamed up with his fellow United Empire members, to take on Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks in trios matches for AEW.

The Englishman has been speaking with Fightful Wrestling about life in NJPW and how he pushes opponents to get “everyone’s best performance out of them”.

“A lot of it just comes with confidence, I think. I find myself in a really lovely position with New Japan where I’m very happy doing what I’m doing. Obviously I’m a fool not to hear people out. It does come with the fact I feel like I do get everyone’s best performance out of them. I’m very confident in my abilities.

I do lack in certain things, like I’m not the biggest fan of my promos. I know I need to work on that. I can’t do a promo without swearing. So that’s gonna be a real hard thing with an American audience. But I’m always willing to challenge myself. I like putting it out there because I feel like it gets people on their feet and their toes getting ready.

The same to my company as well. I want them to be ready for what might be my termination of my contract. Who knows? I love to imagine that we are going to work something out, but I’d be a fool not to hear everybody out.”

Despite being under contract with NJPW, Will Ospreay is now happily living back in England, but gave listeners insight into the travel schedule, and how he could see himself moving to America.

“I’m heading out Friday, land Friday, Saturday is a meet and greet and a press conference, Sunday’s the match, I’ll have Monday out there with the missus so we can go to Venice Beach and then perv on her a little bit,”

“I’ve gotta perv on her a little bit. Leave out Tuesday. I come home Wednesday. I’ve got Thursday / Friday off, then Saturday / Sunday / Monday I go back to Progress. I just like working in England a lot. I like living here. I don’t really want to stretch out. I lived in Japan for two years and I did say after that, that was a real culture shock.

I definitely could live in America, but every time I go there, man, it’s a real anxiety going there just because it’s so big. I get proper nervous going there.

Recently a WWE Hall of Famer spoke of their desire to work with Ospreay.

During the interview, Ospreay responds to talk of appearing at AEW All In, which will take place at Wembley Stadium in August.

The night before All In, Will Ospreay is competing with Shingo Takagi in London at Rev Pro Wrestling’s 11th Anniversary Show.

H/t to Fightful