Kenny Omega On How He Reacts To Being Called “Best In The World”

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega is no stranger to high praise from some within the pro wrestling fandom.

Ever since he burst onto the main event scene in 2016, Omega has established himself as one of the top wrestlers on the planet. He has legions of passionate and loyal fans who truly believe that he is “the Best Bout Machine”, and that no other wrestler active today can touch him.

But frequent praise can come at a cost. Some wrestlers develop egos and attitude problems because they believe in their own hype. Omega, however, is trying to stop that from happening to him.

During an interview with Sports Illustrated, Kenny Omega did his best to stay humble and appreciated the mere fact that his name was being brought up in “GOAT” conversations.

“I feel blessed to be in a conversation where there is chatter from people saying Kenny Omega is the best in the world. Whether it’s warranted, whether it’s deserved, that’s up to the person saying it and the criteria they’re using. If they’re saying it’s because of these great singles epic matches that make you feel something, I’m honored.”

Additionally, Omega noted that he thinks that he isn’t worthy of being called “AEW’s MVP” because that honor belongs to someone else.