Why Christian Cage Never Had A Main Event Push In WWE Revealed

Christian Cage AEW TNT Champion

Jim Ross has given his thoughts on why Christian Cage never received the same main event push as Edge did when the pair split in WWE.

Edge and Christian are one of the most successful and beloved tag teams in WWE history but when things went sour for the pair and they split in 2001, the best friend’s careers went on very different trajectories.

Edge seemed destined to be a big-time player in WWE although it took time to get there while Christian toiled for a while in the undercard before his swell in popularity but ultimately realised he’d have to seek main event success elsewhere.

In January 2006 Edge won the WWE Championship for the very first time and just a few short weeks after that in February, Christian won a world championship of his own – but he was now known as Christian Cage and the title was the NWA World Championship that he captured in TNA.

Jim Ross Gives His Honest Assessment Of Christian Cage In WWE

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, AEW announcer Jim Ross – who had hired both men during his time as WWE Head of Talent Relations – explained why he thinks Christian didn’t get the same opportunities his long-time tag team partner did:

His size, his look didn’t do him any favors at certain points in his career. My belief is that McMahon didn’t push him more because he didn’t like Christian’s look, he didn’t sell it, it wasn’t a wow factor. He wasn’t the guy – except for his hair, that could walk through an airport and not be noticed. He fit in. Edge being 6’4 stood out. So, size had a big issue there, at times.

He’s past it now thank God for AEW. That’s why he’s one of the best heels in the frigging business.

Christian Cage has been joined again by Edge, now known as Adam Copeland, in AEW and the two men will clash for the TNT Championship when AEW Dynamite returns to Canada.

Many believe that at the age of fifty, Christian Cage is having the best run of his entire career. Despite holding the World Heavyweight Championship in WWE, Cage never had a singles main event match on pay-per-view during his entire time in the company.

In contrast, Cage closed out All Out 2021 when he challenged Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship and was in the headline slot at WrestleDream when he defeated Darby Allin to retain his TNT Championship.

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