Why Adam Copeland Can Be The “Rated R Superstar” In AEW

Adam Copeland Edge Rated R Title Belt

He might not be Edge anymore, but Adam Copeland is still the Rated R Superstar.

The man known to WWE fans for decades as Edge announced himself as part of All Elite Wrestling at WrestleDream when he came face-to-face with his long-time partner Christian Cage. However, rather than align with Cage, Adam Copeland saved Sting and Darby Allin from a vicious beatdown by Cage, Luchasaurus, and their new ally, Nick Wayne.

Copeland took out Luchasaurus and Wayne but Cage slithered out of the way saving a showdown between the long-time friends for further down the line.

The debut for Copeland in AEW had been rumoured for several weeks after it became clear that he had fulfilled his contractual obligations for WWE and his contract with that company was expiring on September 30th – one day before WrestleDream. But many wondered what Copeland would be known as in his new wrestling home.

Adam Copeland is still Rated R in AEW

As has been the case with many wrestlers over the years, once you leave one company for another, the name given to you won’t necessarily go with you. WWE still holds the trademark to “Edge” so AEW has decided that the star will simply go under his real name of Adam Copeland.

However many were surprised that Copeland was still referred to as the Rated R Superstar on AEW television with many thinking that WWE would own that trademark as well. However, that trademark is marked as abandoned which is why he is able to use the nickname in AEW.

Copeland will compete in his first match in AEW on the special Title Tuesday edition of Dynamite on the 10th of October when he takes on Luchasaurus.