Who Recorded The New Introduction For Adam Copeland’s AEW Theme?

Adam Copeland AEW

Fans may notice a familiar voice at the beginning of Adam Copeland’s AEW theme song.

At WrestleDream on October 1st, Adam Copeland shocked the world by making his debut in All Elite Wrestling. Just as his former tag team partner Christian Cage was about to deliver a one man con-chair-to to a fallen Sting, the familiar sounds of Metalingus rang out throughout the arena, eliciting a monstrous ovation from the Seattle crowd.

While the song and pyro accompanying his entrance is well familiar to WWE fans, the introduction to the song was slightly altered. Because WWE added the words “you think you know me” to Alter Bridge’s song, the introduction was re-recorded, and now goes “you think you know him.”

Chris Meuller confirmed that the voice behind the new version of the introduction is none other than Copeland’s wife and fellow WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, and that the couple recorded the new voiceover themselves. Meuller wrote on social media:

“I don’t know if this counts as breaking news or whatever, but I was able to confirm with him today that not only is the voice at the beginning of Adam Copeland’s AEW entrance music that of Beth Phoenix, but that it was Edge and Beth who recorded the clip themselves.”

Will Beth Phoenix Join Adam Copeland In AEW?

While Beth Phoenix’s voice will be heard each time her husband makes his entrance, Adam Copeland says it isn’t likely she’ll be joining him in becoming All Elite any time soon. Speaking at a media scrum following WrestleDream, he had this to say:

“I mean, any time I get to be close to Beth obviously I’m gonna be super excited about that. I don’t know about the possibilities of that in the foreseeable (future), but I love being around her obviously, and we’ve had a blast when we did get to work together.

“But where she will be instrumental without everyone knowing it is she’s my sounding board. So if you’ve seen me do something, or you see something that you think worked, it was always bounced off Beth and then she always gives me better ideas back.

“It’s kind of amazing to be married to a Hall of Famer, it’s pretty cool… who can suplex you.” (h/t WrestleTalk)

In addition to using Metalingus as his theme song, Adam Copeland has also retained the moniker Rated R Superstar. His first AEW bout is set to take place on the October 4th episode of Dynamite, where he’s scheduled to face Luchasaurus.