Who Is Randy Orton’s All Time Favourite Opponent? The Answer Will Surprise You

Who Is Randy Orton's All-Time Favourite Opponent? The Answer Will Surprise You

Randy Orton revealed his favourite opponent of all time, naming none other than Christian Cage.

Despite having faced off against current and future Hall of Famers such as Triple H, Mick Foley, John Cena, and The Undertaker, Randy Orton expressed his admiration for Christian in an interview with Maxim.

I have had so many great opponents in WWE, from Triple H to Mick Foley, to John Cena, to The Undertaker, but I would say that my favourite opponent to compete against is Christian.

The notable feud between Christian and Orton took place in 2011 and left a lasting impression on both wrestlers and fans alike. Their highly acclaimed match at WWE Over The Limit 2011 received a commendable rating of four and a quarter stars from Dave Meltzer. The intense bout showcased the chemistry and skill displayed by both wrestlers, captivating audiences and delivering a thrilling performance.

What Injury Did Randy Orton Suffer?

Randy Orton spoke about his spine injury that resulted in him requiring a spinal fusion. Orton spoke about how the injury affected him and how he would constantly get pains shooting through his legs and had a disc slip every time he bent over.

Orton praised his former tag partner Matt Riddle, who was released from WWE in September, crediting him with taking the brunt of the physicality in their matches which allowed Orton to rest and not do further damage to his spine.