Which Wrestling Veteran Does Jake Roberts Think Couldn’t Be A “Top Guy?”

Jake Roberts Names Wrestling Veteran He Deems

Jake Roberts shared his insights on the challenges faced by exceptional in-ring performers in professional wrestling, highlighting the diverse factors that can hinder their ascent to the status of a “top guy.”

Jake Roberts specifically discussed Terry Taylor, an acclaimed technician who, despite his prowess, did not receive a significant push in his career. Throughout his tenure, Terry Taylor transitioned across various wrestling promotions, including Jim Crockett Promotions, WCCW, WCW, and notably WWE, where he adopted the persona of ‘The Red Rooster’—a characterisation criticised by many as detrimental to his future prospects.

On his podcast, The Snake Pit, Roberts candidly addressed the question of whether Terry Taylor could have attained the status of a top-tier performer.

“Not a top guy. Not a top guy. You know, he can hold his own on the card. But he didn’t have it for the main event.”

Terry Taylor, a highly skilled in-ring wrestler, was unfortunately overshadowed by the larger-than-life personas prevalent in the WWE. Roberts summed up what let Taylor down in a few words.

“Size. The way he projected himself. He wasn’t strong enough. He had a lot of cute moves, but cute would get you killed in the real world.”

After concluding his in-ring career in 2006, Taylor remained deeply involved in the professional wrestling industry. He assumed pivotal roles as a road agent, trainer, interviewer, and director of talent relations in TNA. Subsequently, he transitioned to WWE, where he contributed as a trainer within its developmental territory, NXT.

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