What Wrestlers Put AEW’s Will Ospreay To Shame?

Will Ospreay AEW Dynasty

Will Ospreay has named a surprising star he feels puts his move set to shame.

The British star stole the show in a critically acclaimed bout with Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty on 21st April 2024, pinning the former WWE Champion after delivering a devastating Storm Driver ’91.

Despite yet another bout that has been met with global praise, Ospreay has surprisingly taken to social media site ‘X’ to declare that another global star has an imagination that puts him to shame.

Ospreay heaped praise on Stardom competitor Mei Seira’s new finishing move before stating more generally that Japanese female wrestlers’ ability puts many to shame:

Mate. Japanese female wrestlers put so many of us (including me) to shame. The imagination to think of this and the ability to pull it off should be applauded

Will Ospreay Receives Advice From Kevin Nash

It isn’t all positive news from Ospreay, who has been encouraged to make improvements by WWE Hall Of Famer, Kevin Nash.

The outspoken former WWE Champion recently voiced his belief that Ospreay should work on his shape before offering AJ Styles as an example that ‘The Aerial Assassin’ should follow physically.