What John Cena Means For WWE Ticket Sales

John Cena

John Cena may have stepped away from being a full-time competitor for WWE but it appears that the sixteen-time champion of the world can still sell a ticket or two.

John Cena will have the hometown support when he appears on Monday Night Raw in Boston, MA as the Road to WrestleMania kicks into high gear on the 6th of March.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that the announcement of Cena appearing on the show led to WWE shifting a substantial amount of tickets for the event which will now likely sell out:

“They announced John Cena on Monday night, right? They’ve sold 2,000 more tickets as of this (Wednesday) morning with the announcement, so they’ll probably end up selling out.

“The guy, make no mistake about it, just the announcing of John Cena… when he was in Laredo, Texas, the first one, where he sold out the building (for his 20th anniversary show on June 27, 2022). And then Tampa he sold out again (December 30, 2022).

“Tampa did not have anything special as an advance, it was a normal advance, and then as soon as they announced John Cena, tickets started moving really, really quick. And the other show was the same thing.

“Boston was fine (March 6, 2023), they were over 7,000 tickets – 7,700 tickets out when they announced him. And they’re at probably 10,000 right now, just under 10 as of this (Wednesday) morning, so I would guess over 10 right now. So the guy can move tickets, that was pretty impressive.”

One WWE star has noted that they will be on hand to give Cena “a warm, warm welcome” when he makes his appearance on Raw.

h/t WrestleTalk