What Happened At WWE Talent Meeting Before Raw

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The 3rd of April proved to be a historic day in the world of professional wrestling after it was announced that WWE was to be sold to Endeavor in a $21 billion deal.

Endeavor, which owns UFC, is taking control of WWE and putting the two companies under one umbrella in a deal that is valued at around $21 billion. Vince McMahon will retain his position as Executive Chairman of the new company’s Board of Directors while current WWE CEO Nick Khan will become President of the brand in the same role Dana White will continue to have with UFC.

Ahead of Monday Night Raw, Triple H and Nick Khan led a talent meeting to address the sale with the company’s talents and staff. PWInsider Elite reported that Khan and Chief Financial Officer Frank Riddick led the meeting in person while Triple H was part of the meeting on the phone.

Khan is said to have opened the meeting by reading an email sent out by Vince McMahon, who did not attend. It was made clear that the WWE Board voted unanimously to approve the deal, just as they eventually did in January to confirm McMahon as Executive Chairman. Riddick noted that the deal is signed and is expected to go through before the end of 2023.

Triple H thanked everyone for their hard work which he said made the merger possible. He also noted that when Endeavor acquired UFC, very little changed in day-to-day operations and that they are not expected to be involved in the creative process. Triple H reiterated that the deal is a huge positive and stressed it was “business as usual.”

Nick Khan is said to have closed the meeting by addressing the elephant in the room in WWE as he cracked a joke about Vince McMahon’s mustache.