What Does Seth Rollins Believe Was His WWE Turning Point?

Seth Rollins Talks About What He Believes Was His

The World Heavyweight Championship match between Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre at WWE Wrestlemania XL was highly anticipated and delivered a series of dramatic moments.

The unexpected physical involvement of CM Punk and the subsequent Money In The Bank cash-in by Damian Priest added a surprising twist, resulting in a truly unforgettable Wrestlemania moment. Notably, Rollins and McIntyre had previously faced each other in high-stakes championship matches.

In a 2020 interview with TalkSport Rollins discussed the changes in his onscreen character at that time.

“Establishing characters that people care about. I think one way or another, whether you’re on my side or against me, there is strong feelings about the Monday Night Messiah so yeah, it’s definitely something that I’m very proud of and look forward to cultivating as we move forward into this strange year that is 2020.”

After claiming the WWE Championship with a triumph over Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36, Drew McIntyre successfully defended the title against Seth Rollins at the Money In The Bank event in May of that year.

“The Drew match was interesting. It was really a turning point – well, another one – for where I’m at right now. Obviously, it’s the catalyst that led us to the last few months and the story with Rey Mysterio. I was real proud of the match itself, mostly because it’s really hard to get a big match feel for a title fight with no people there.”

In this particular year, the inability of audiences to attend WWE events was attributed to the impact of the pandemic.

“Drew beat the hell out of me (laughs) I tried to give it back to him the best I could, but he was obviously the better man on that night. At the end of the day, I feel like we put together a match that really pushed Drew forward. He’s one of the top faces on Monday Night RAW and he’s been a pretty good champion if I do say so myself. So if I helped him out in anyway along that path then I’m doing my job as the leader of the greater good.”

Following the battle with Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins engaged in a feud with Rey Mysterio, notably marked by the notorious “Eye for an Eye” match, in which the sole path to victory involved extracting the opponent’s eyeball.

Drew McIntyre Threatened To Quit WWE After Wrestlemania XL

Before both his title win and quick loss at Wrestlemania XL, Drew McIntyre hinted at leaving the WWE. The Scottish superstar spoke about this before the event in question, saying how he’d take such drastic action if he failed to defeat Seth Rollins.

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