What Bo Dallas Had To Say About Bray Wyatt On WWE Raw

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Bo Dallas has addressed the death of Bray Wyatt on WWE Raw as he discussed the shocking arrival of the Wyatt Sicks.

After weeks of QR code teases and mysterious messages, the Wyatt Sicks made their Raw debut in Corpus Christi. Following the main event, the lights went out and a piano note rang out as Bray Wyatt’s doorway appeared in the entranceway.

The first member of the new faction – Nikki Cross portraying Sister Abigail – crawled through the door towards a lantern on the ramp before the camera moved backstage to show scenes of the “massacre” long promised by the Sicks. Among the bodies and chaos, new versions of Mercy the Buzzard, Huskus the Pig, and Ramblin Rabbit were seen standing.

When the camera reached the end of the hall, Uncle Howdy made his entrance, collecting the group as they made their way to the stage. Howdy then picked up the lantern and, in an homage to Wyatt, declared “We’re here” before blowing out the light to end the show.

Bo Dallas Opens Up About Bray Wyatt On Raw

Now on Raw in Indianapolis, the group had another message to send. Cross appeared after Chad Gable’s match on the show sending him fleeing before she delivered a VHS tape addressed to Pat McAfee – who was not at the show – to Michael Cole.

Michael Cole sent the tape to the back to see if it could be played and later in the night everyone got to see what the Wyatt Sicks wanted to say.

In keeping with the bizarre nature of the group, Bo Dallas was seen in conversation with Uncle Howdy, the character he portrays in the group. Howdy asked Dallas “How did it feel when your brother (Bray Wyatt) died?” Dallas replied “Like the most important thing in my life was taken away from me. Like nothing was ever going to matter again.”

After being asked if he felt like he was exploiting Bray Wyatt’s legacy, Bo Dallas responded:

All I ever wanted my whole life was to be like my brother. I looked up to him and I wanted to be him. And I worked my entire career, my life, so I could have the opportunity, so I could work there next to him. And we were gonna rule together, and we finally made it, we were there and we had it. And then it was taken away from me.

There is no-one on this earth that feels more hurt than me from his loss. Not one person on earth feels what I feel. What am I supposed to do, let him become a mausoleum? Let everybody forget about what he stood for, what he fought for, what he believed in? They wanted to forget about me. They wanted to forget about all of us. We made them remember. We made them all remember.