“Whacked” NXT Stars Heading To SmackDown

wwe NXT Arena

There must be strong currents between Orlando and Corpus Christi as despite being sent to “sleep with the fishes” on NXT television, SmackDown is set for a lethal dose of Pretty Deadly.

On the 25th of April edition of NXT television, the former NXT Tag Team Champions took on Tony D’Angelo and Stacks Lorenzo in the first-ever trunk match. The object of the bout was similar to that of a casket match but rather than stuff your opponents inside a casket, the winners were the team who got both of their opponents in the trunk of a car.

With D’Angelo and Lorenzo apparently having more experience in such matters, it was no great surprise that they picked up the win over their English opponents. The two men drove Pretty Deadly away in the car and later on the show alluded to the fact that they were now “sleeping with the fishes.”

PWInsider has now seemed to confirm what many suspected as both Kit Wilson and Elton Prince are set to be at SmackDown on Friday night for the beginning of the WWE Draft. Whether or not Pretty Deadly end up drafted to the main roster remains to be seen but given their apparent very final send-off thanks to The D’Angelo Family it looks like the team’s time in NXT is over.

As well as the WWE Draft, SmackDown will also see a huge WrestleMania main event rematch as Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will defend their WWE Tag Team Championship against The Usos.