Sami Zayn On The Connection He Has With The Usos

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Sami Zayn continues to be at odds with The Usos on WWE television, but Sami still sees some good in his former allies.

For nearly a year, Sami Zayn has been linked to The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso). They were allies together for most of 2022 even though Jey had a tough time accepting Zayn in The Bloodline group while Jimmy was a lot more easygoing about Sami being in the “family” with the brothers, Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman.

Everything between Sami and The Bloodline fell apart at January’s Royal Rumble, which led to Sami and best friend Kevin Owens reuniting.

That culminated in an incredible match at WrestleMania 39 that saw Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens defeat The Usos in the main event of WrestleMania Saturday to become the Undisputed WWE (Raw & Smackdown) Tag Team Champions.

The story doesn’t end there because on the April 28th edition of Smackdown, Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens will defend their Tag Team Titles against The Usos. In addition to that, Zayn & Owens are teaming with Matt Riddle against The Usos & Solo Sikoa at Backlash on May 6th.

During an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Sami Zayn talked about The Usos saying that their bond never goes away. Obviously, any time a WWE wrestler is interviewed on a WWE show there is some storyline aspect to it.

“Look, it’s like any other relationship, whether it’s a friendship, romantic relationship, anything in life. There are times you kind of drift apart, but it’s not an on-off switch. You don’t suddenly stop caring about that person overnight, even if they did you wrong, which they have. Both Usos have, and Jey has repeatedly.”

“There’s always gonna be a part of me that’s gonna remember the connection we had as damn near brothers, seriously. So I do, on some level, still kind of want. I know that sounds kind of weird, after everything we’ve been through, but I mean look, I’m not the only one who sees it.”

“Anybody who’s watched this story play out over the last year, year and a half, come on, more, three years. We’ve seen the way Roman’s treated him. We’ve seen that really The Usos have been carrying The Bloodline. You see that it’s just not right, for Jey’s been through.”

“At the same time, it’s hard to feel sorry for him sometimes because he does some pretty horrible things, and then you gotta get even with him. So that’s kind of where we’re at now, but I do feel like I’m hoping, on some level, that if we beat them, and we beat them again, and just keep doing our thing, that these cracks in The Bloodline will turn into giant holes that have to be addressed, and the whole thing does fall apart because it needs to fall apart.”

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H/T Fightful