“We Were Supposed To Win The Titles”: Brian Knobbs Reveals Original WrestleMania 9 Plans

“We Were Supposed To Win The Titles”: Brian Knobbs Reveals Original WrestleMania 9 Plans

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Knobbs shed light on the unexpected turn of events that led to the Nasty Boys being taken off the WrestleMania IX card. In an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Knobbs detailed the circumstances that resulted in their exclusion from the highly anticipated event.

Brian Knobbs revealed that he and his tag team partner, Jerry Sags, were initially scheduled to feature on the WrestleMania IX card. The plan was for the Nasty Boys to challenge WWE Tag Team Champions Ted DiBiase and IRS at the prestigious event with the expectation of reclaiming the coveted tag team titles.

We were supposed to get the belts back at WrestleMania 9 but that’s when Brutus Beefcake came back after his face deal and he was kind of whining to Hulk Hogan that he needed money so Hulk brought them back as a tag team. So suddenly in one month, we were kinda pissed because we got knocked off the whole show, we weren’t even on WrestleMania IX.

The Nasty Boys, who had transitioned into fan favourites in October 1992, found themselves at the centre of a sudden turn of events. After their manager, Jimmy Hart, aligned with Ted DiBiase and IRS’s Money Inc. tag team, the Nasty Boys had been working closely with them on house shows. However, Hogan and Beefcake’s return in February 1993 led to a complete shift in plans, ultimately resulting in the Nasty Boys being omitted from WrestleMania IX.

We were gonna beat them (Money Inc.) clean because they were the heels at the time. We were gonna be getting back at Jimmy Hart cause he kinda screwed us to go with them and so that was the angle. We did that for almost 6 or 7 months, and then boom in one month we were all done. I had my family and everyone coming down and I wasn’t even on the show.

Expressing his frustration, Brian Knobbs acknowledged making regrettable comments during a period of inebriation, which may have contributed to the Nasty Boys’ departure from WWE.

I was mad as hell and getting drunk and saying some things I probably shouldn’t have said. But that’s the way politics go, it is what it is, water under the bridge now.

Subsequently, just weeks after WrestleMania IX, the Nasty Boys faced a suspension from WWE and eventually found themselves in WCW by the summer of 1993. In hindsight, Knobbs expressed resignation about the situation, acknowledging the influence of backstage politics and accepting the events as water under the bridge.

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