Tougher Than Haku?: The Actor This Former WWE Tag Team Champion Would Not Want To Mess With

Tougher Than Haku?: The Actor This Former WWE Tag Team Champion Would Not Want To Mess With

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Knobbs shared his thoughts on some of the toughest individuals in the wrestling business during an interview.

On Wrestling Shoot Interviews. Alongside well-known WWE names like Jimmy Snuka, Rick Rude, and Haku, Knobbs also highlighted actor Chuck Zito as someone who possesses the same level of toughness. This is a particularly bold claim as Haku is widely known to be one of the toughest individuals in all of wrestling.

Chuck Zito, recognised for his appearances in popular films and TV shows such as Homefront, Carlito’s Way, and The Rock, was also a former president of the New York chapter of the Hells Angels biker gang.

Knobbs said that he was introduced to Zito by Hulk Hogan and described him as a “bad*ss”. Knobbs spoke about Zito’s toughness, emphasising that even though he isn’t a wrestler, he is a very tough individual. At a recent birthday party for Hogan, Knobbs humorously stated that with Haku and Chuck Zito by their side, there was no need for additional security.

He’s not a wrestler, but Hulkster introduced me to him and he’s a bad*ss. You might know him. He’s an actor too. But he’s with the Hells Angels and all that, Chuck Zito. Yeah, so I said that at Hulk’s birthday party we just had for him. I had Sag [Jerry Sags] there Haku on the one side, and Chuck Zito on the other. I said we don’t have to worry about no security at this party. We’re covered.

Was Chuck Zito Involved With The WWE?

Chuck Zito has not had any involvement with the WWE to date. However, he does have many famous wrestling friends such as Hulk Hogan and has posted about being friendly with Booker T on social media in the past.

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