Wrestling Legend Shares Incredible Story About Haku Being A Tough Guy

haku wwe

There are plenty of wrestling stories about the toughness of former wrestler Haku and this time it’s a story about how he wasn’t fazed after getting hit by a cinder block.

During his pro wrestling career, Haku earned the reputation as one of the toughest guys in the history of pro wrestling. Whether he was wrestling as a tag team partner of Andre the Giant in WWE, using the King Haku name in WWE as a singles guy or as Meng in WCW, there have been many stories about him.

Kevin Sullivan is a former wrestler from WCW that was also a booker at times as well. Sullivan recently appeared on the Snake Pit podcast hosted by Jake Roberts and shared a story about how Haku was hit by a cinder block that was thrown off the roof by a fan while they were wrestling at a show in Nassau County, Florida.

“Everybody talks about how Haku being the toughest guy in the business? I saw something that I guarantee you made him the toughest guy in my eyes,” Sullivan said. “They used to sit through — like Jake said, we had a little dressing room that was like a storage unit, but it was little bit bigger. It’s an old storage house.”

“They’d sit on the roof of that place, and we’d have to run in. As we’re running — and they had umbrellas too, and they’d stab you with the umbrellas. I’m ready to go out and I see Meng coming back. And all of a sudden, they threw a cinder block and hit him on the shoulder from the roof.”

“He dropped to a knee, but he just shook it off and came in. If they had hit him in the head, it would have killed him. That was the craziest place I ever wrestled in.”

While his days as a wrestler are in the past, the former Haku is the proud father of current NJPW stars Hikuleo and Tama Tonga.

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