Wardlow Sad About Infamous Night In AEW

Wardlow AEW

The anniversary of a big match in his career has left AEW’s Wardlow sad thinking about what happened that night.

Wardlow has been a part of the AEW roster since the company launched five years ago in 2019. He started his career with the company as the hired bodyguard of Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) and things were going well for a couple of years until they fell apart in 2022.

At the AEW Double or Nothing 2022 PPV, Wardlow defeated MJF in about seven minutes in a match where he hit 10 Powerbombs before putting MJF away for good. There was an interesting backstory going into the match because there were reports about MJF being unhappy about his role in AEW and there were questions about if MJF would even show up for the match.

While responding to a fan’s Tweet/X post, Wardlow admitted that the Double or Nothing match with MJF was sad and tainted although he didn’t go into the reasons why.

“I hear you every day. It’s what’s kept me going the past year. Sad how tainted this night was for me. But we will get back to this one day. On my life. For anyone that’s chanted my name, even when you didn’t have much of a reason to, it’s meant the world to me. Thank you.”

While the once popular powerhouse remains a part of the AEW roster, he is now part of the Undisputed Kingdom group with Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett in a reduced role. The former TNT Champion is rarely featured in singles matches and many fans of AEW feel he is being under-utilized by the company.

How Many Titles Has Wardlow Won In AEW?

During his AEW career, Wardlow has won the TNT Championship three times for a combined 189 days, which means he has held that title longer than anybody else combined except for Darby Allin.