Wardlow Addresses AEW Backstage Environment


Wardlow recently spoke out about the backstage happenings of All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

To a lot of fans and critics, it’s completely chaotic behind the scenes over at AEW. However, according to Wardlow, all of the insanity has actually united the roster.

During an appearance on the “ESPR” podcast for an interview, Wardlow talked about what’s going on backstage in AEW, describing what the vibe is like. Not just that, but he also discussed how the fallout at All Elite Wrestling’s All Out pay-per-view has actually contributed to better chemistry on the promotion’s roster, and how new leadership has also came out of everything.

“Everybody backstage has done such a great job of communicating and we’ve been, honestly through all of the…you said chaos. We talked about this recently, I feel like our locker room is as tight as it was when we started a few years ago.

When we first started man, we were all on the same mission. We were a family. We survived COVID together, where we spent more time with each other then our own family. It was really really special that year we basically lived in Jacksonville. Everybody bonded so well and I feel like recently, we’re back to that.”

H/T PWTorch