Vince McMahon’s WWE Influence Spotted In Unusual Way On Raw

Vince McMahon WWE Gorilla Position Triple H

According to Dave Meltzer, one tiny detail on WWE Raw signals Vince McMahon’s influence over every aspect of the show.

Speaking on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about Vince McMahon’s continued influence behind the scenes of both Raw and SmackDown. He began by addressing the many late-day changes McMahon made to Raw, lamenting that the show felt flat and some match finishes didn’t seem to help build anything.

“Yeah. Even moreThis was Vince. Vince has taken more and more interest in this as we, actually talked about this the other day and today was another example of that. Yeah, this was Vince McMahon’s show. In some of the other shows, like a lot of the changes were, you know, they hurt as far as the continuity and everything like that. Something would be built up and then would just be dropped.

“Tonight’s show. I just felt that there were…it was just kind of boring. I just didn’t get excited about hardly anything on the show. And a couple of the results were, uh, very counterproductive.”

Continuing, Meltzer pointed to a specific detail that indicated Vince’s growing influence behind the scenes, making mention of Tommaso Ciampa’s beard.

After being absent from the ring since September, Tommaso Ciampa made his grand return to Monday Night Raw on June 19th, attacking The Miz and severing their previous alliance for good. On that occasion, he sported grey in his beard that had become recognizable to fans. However, on June 26th, the grey in his beard was gone as he’d dyed his facial hair brown. According to Meltzer, this is likely due to McMahon, who’s also begun dying his own hair in the past year.

“Notice Ciampa dyed his beard? Well, that’s another sign of Vince McMahon. You know Vince hates gray, and Ciampa came back with a gray beard like he usually has and dyed it.”

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