Famous Vince McMahon WWE Rule Scrapped By Triple H

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Triple H has benched another Vince McMahon policy.

On the March 25th episode of WWE Raw, The Rock absolutely demolished Cody Rhodes to end the show, leaving him a bloody mess in the pouring rain. Fans hailed the segment as one of the hottest angles WWE has produced in years, with the expletive-laden assault giving the angle an eye-catching edge.

The use of blood was also a huge talking point, given that WWE has shied away from using it on television for several years. In fact, Superstars have previously been fined for adding blood to their matches.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that there’s been a definite shift on the issue under Triple H. Meltzer explained that while The Rock is pretty much free to do whatever he wants on-screen, blood is no longer forbidden as a rule. However, it will only be used “very rarely.”

“Blood to that degree is very rare on WWE television, but it’s Dwayne Johnson, Rhodes and the Mania angle and Johnson pretty much can do anything…

Rhodes bladed, which in the past under Vince McMahon, there were notable fines for doing so, including the famous $100,000 fine levied against Dave Bautista. At other times, like with Brock Lesnar matches and angles, blood was scripted into the presentation, although with Lesnar in most cases it was hardway blood, planned hardway blood though…

With blood, the key is that this is no longer Vince McMahon’s company. We were told that going forward it will be used very rarely.”

Meltzer added that there are no plans for WWE to use blood as liberally as AEW.

Vince McMahon Sells More TKO Stock

Despite no longer being part of WWE and removing himself from the TKO Group of Directors, Vince McMahon continues to benefit financially from the sports entertainment giant.

A new SEC filing that Vince McMahon has sold another 3.5 million TKO shares valued at just short of $100 million. The shares were sold to an unnamed bank over a 20-day period during March.

This is the third time in five months that McMahon has sold portions of his TKO stock.