Ex-WWE Star Recalls Vince McMahon Saying There’s “Too Much Wrestling” On WWE TV

Vince McMahon WWE

Vince McMahon complained that WWE had “too much wrestling” on their shows, according to a WWE Legend.

Following the sale of WWE to Endeavor, Vince McMahon has returned full-time to the company as Executive Chairman.

Many fans have shared their concerns over what impact this may have on the creative vision Triple H had been building after taking over control when McMahon stepped down last year.

Those concerns may not disappear anytime soon after a former WWE Superstar shared that McMahon would often complain about having “too much wrestling” on shows.

Speaking on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, the former WWE Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy told listeners how McMahon would react when he felt a show became too focused on in-ring action.

There were times where Vince McMahon would say, ‘There’s too much wrestling on this show!’ I’m sure if he watched AEW, he’d say, ‘there’s too much wrestling on that show.’

Matt Hardy joined AEW in 2020 and the former WWE United States Champion was joined by his brother Jeff Hardy in March 2022.

Hardy would go on to explain how McMahon approaches WWE plans around entertainment value, whilst his current boss Tony Khan sees AEW as a pro-wrestling company.

“[Vince] views it as sports entertainment and he’s more concerned with the stories and characters… Tony Khan views pro wrestling as a more traditional, old-school type of pro wrestling where what happens in the ring is very important and it has true consequences.”

Away from Hardy’s claims, a WWE Hall of Famer has admitted that Vince McMahon allowed two Superstars to decide the outcome of their WrestleMania match.

Former ECW Champion Matt Hardy has shared how he feels Edge could end his career away from WWE.

Matt and Jeff Hardy debuted in WWE during the Attitude Era as The Hardy Boyz, before gaining success in singles careers.

The brothers have reunited in AEW and later tonight join forces with Hook to take on Ethan Page and The Gunns at Double or Nothing.

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