Vince McMahon Said Ex-WWE Star Was “Too Dangerous” To Face Rey Mysterio

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon had no interest in seeing Rey Mysterio wrestle a former star.

Long before landing in WWE, Rey Mysterio starred in ECW as he tried to make his mark in the United States. After impressing in the Paul Heyman-led promotion, Mysterio signed with WCW where he helped redefine cruiserweight wrestling in North America.

Following the closure of WCW in 2001, Mysterio took time to heal up from a series of nagging injuries before debuting with WWE a year later.

By the time ECW One Night Stand 2006 rolled around, Mysterio was World Champion and matched up against ECW legend Sabu.

The Extreme Rules Match between the pair saw Mysterio’s World Championship on the line but it ultimately ended in a No Contest. However, according to Sabu, the match almost never happened at all.

Speaking in a new interview with Steve Fall for WrestlingNews.Co, the former ECW Champion claimed Vince McMahon said he was too dangerous to face Mysterio.

“It was supposed to be a no contest someway…double count out, double knockout, both can’t continue. It was my idea for the spot. They planned it for that and then Vince said behind my back that I was too dangerous and he didn’t want me to wrestle Mysterio.”

During the same interview, Sabu branded Vince McMahon a “scumbag,” while also taking aim at John Laurinaitis.

Vince McMahon In Touch With Two WWE Stars

Back in January, Vince McMahon was accused of sexual assault and sex trafficking in a lawsuit filed by former WWE employee Janel Grant. The graphic details of the lawsuit left fans disgusted, and McMahon stepped down from his position on the TKO Board of Directors in disgrace.

Despite this, according to a new report from NBC News, Vince McMahon has been in touch with both The Rock and John Cena.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co