Vince McMahon Raw Return “Undoubtedly Part Of A Plan”

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon recently returned backstage to Monday Night Raw for the first time since he returned to the company leading to speculation that he’s trying to work his way back into control.

McMahon was believed to be primarily backstage at the show to visit Cena in Boston as the sixteen-time champion of the world appeared on the show to set up a huge WrestleMania match with Austin Theory. Although there have been suggestions that Vince McMahon’s presence could be more than just visiting a friend.

Now Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated has reported that according to multiple people who were backstage at the show Vince McMahon “purposely stayed out of the way” and took care to make sure people noticed that he wasn’t involved in the running of the show.

Interestingly, it was noted that McMahon sat in the Gorilla Position between Triple H and Bruce Prichard who were running the show but did not wear a headset and “never offered any insight” when WWE stars came to Triple H for feedback.

Although McMahon was not backstage at Raw in Providence, RI, the report notes that Vince McMahon could have a strategy for a more permanent return to the company, and his “laidback approach” could be considered as part of that. Only time will tell.