Vince McMahon Encouraged People To Be Jerks Backstage

Vince McMahon WWE

A former WWE veteran wrestler has recalled when Vince McMahon wanted people to act like jerks and a**holes around others.

Vince McMahon is the current Executive Chairman of the TKO Group who no longer has a say in the WWE creative process. However, for over 40 years he was the man in charge as WWE’s Chairman, CEO, and the man running the creative process in the company.

During his time running WWE, Vince McMahon was known for being tough on some people while others got along with him well.

Chavo Guerrero worked for WWE throughout the 2000s as a veteran member of the roster who joined after WWE bought WCW in 2001. That means that Chavo worked with Vince a lot in his career and even though Chavo wasn’t a main event level performer, he was featured a lot during his career.

Vince McMahon Wanted Some People To Be A**holes Backstage

During a recent appearance on the Rumor & Innuendo Podcast, Chavo Guerrero recalled how Vince McMahon wanted some wrestlers to act. It was Chavo’s way of talking about CM Punk, who he always got along with.

“It’s a business but also Vince, and I don’t know how involved he is anymore, but he was, when I was there, he was always the most involved person. I can’t see him not being involved and not still having his fingers in everything. But he really does like someone kind of being an a-hole back there. If you look at old Shawn Michaels stuff, it was almost like he was given the keys to the kingdom because of his attitude. His work, of course, don’t get me wrong, but his attitude as well went along with it.

“And, you know, I’ve talked to many different champions, I won’t name them, but they’re like, ‘Hey, Vince used to tell me, why are you being so nice? I’m giving you the okay to be a jerk and be a total a-hole to people.’ And those guys were like, ‘That’s not who I am. I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to be an a-hole just to be an a-hole.’ So, Punk can be an a-hole to me.

“Now, I get along with him awesome—Phil’s great. I’ve never had an issue with him. I worked with him for three straight months doing the ECW stuff longer, probably half a year. And we never once had one issue in the ring. Never once. Not even like a riff. We always got along so well. So, he’s a pretty misunderstood guy. But you know, Punk can be Punk. It can be difficult. So, I think that only lasts so long in WWE when, you know, I think he’s probably on his best behavior right now.”