Vince McMahon Had A Ridiculous Response To Internet Critics

Vince McMahon Had A Ridiculous Response To Internet Critics

Vince McMahon found humour in upsetting a select portion of wrestling fans.

With the rise of the internet and social media, fans are able to instantly voice their reaction to what they see onscreen, and those at the top can see it too.

While most people would take the constructive criticism on board and pivot the following episode, McMahon is not like most people. AEW star Matt Hardy, who worked for McMahon for a number of years, knows the WWE Chairman all too well.

Speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Hardy was asked about the differences between McMahon and his new boss Tony Khan. Hardy revealed that each man has a differing view on modern technology, with McMahon not being a fan of the online world:

I mean, it’s kind of all perspective. And once again, this is an experiment in progress. And I can say this, that’s when we get to the social media era, Vince McMahon, hated, despised, loathed, detested the internet. And then Tony is just the opposite. I mean, he loves the internet, he loves social media, Will Washington is one of those guys. So it’s just like, it’s definitely an experiment. Once again, we’re kind of like weighing out what works in 2023 and will work going forward in 2024. So it’s really interesting.

Hardy continued, describing how McMahon found fan’s negative views hilarious, stating that if enough fans were outraged at something they saw on weekly TV, there was a high chance that they would be even angrier next week:

And it’s interesting how they’re from different generations, and they view the world, they view media differently. Because I remember there’d be times where the internet would go apesh*t over something Vince booked or did whatever. And when he saw this outraged people, it would make him want to do it even harder, make him want to do it even more, you know.

Tony listens to these people, you know, and he’s very open and willing to listen to what people say online. And sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. You know, I think it’s also very important to listen to the people who have bought tickets and are paying in the arena. I think that’s the most paramount barometer of what is working and what isn’t.

Vince McMahon Targeted By Tony Khan

The AEW President has been very active on social media leading up to and following the head-to-head between NXT and AEW Dynamite that took place on Tuesday, October 10th. Responding to fans who were criticising his promotion, Tony Khan fired back shots that were directed at Vince McMahon.

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