Vince McMahon “Clearly Has A Pending Sale” Of WWE

vince mcmahon wwe hands

A former WWE Superstar thinks that Vince McMahon must have a sale of WWE on the table and that is why he chose to force his way back into power.

The wrestling world was stunned in the first week of 2023 when it emerged that Vince McMahon had used his position as majority shareholder of WWE to strong-arm his way back onto the Board of Directors despite an earlier unanimous vote from the Board to block any such move.

In the wake of his return, Stephanie McMahon resigned as Chairwoman and co-CEO before her father was installed as Executive Chairman. Rumours have swirled since that WWE could well be sold with a whole host of media giants and sovereign wealth funds said to be in the running to buy.

Speaking on an AdFreeShows live stream, former WWE Superstar Al Snow suggested that Vince McMahon likely has an offer for the company already and believes he will ultimately sell the company he bought from his father in the early eighties:

“He’s at a point where he was pushed out, and honestly, because of his own irresponsibility and actions, he was pushed out. But he now, I think, clearly has a pending sale that was on the table, otherwise he couldn’t have leveraged his way back in. It’s a substantial benefit otherwise, he wouldn’t have had the stroke, the power, the ability to walk back in the door.”

“I think he’s gonna sell it because, at the end of the day, it’s his. It’s his thing, and he’s gonna go out on top. He’s not gonna let it go under somebody else and then watch them destroy or ruin what he’s done.”

While Vince McMahon is currently not in charge of the creative direction of WWE, there are those within the company who believe “the countdown is on” for such a move to take place.

h/t ewrestlingnews