Vince McMahon Open To Leaving WWE After Sale

Vince McMahon

When Vince McMahon strong-armed his way back onto the WWE Board of Directors in early 2023, many believed it was just a matter of time until he regained full control of the company.

WWE insisted at the time that McMahon’s re-introduction as Executive Chairman was so that the company’s majority shareholder could oversee rights fees deals as well a potential sale.

The popular opinion was that McMahon would look to rubber-stamp a deal to a bidder that would keep him on to run the company with the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund believed to be the front-runner in that regard due to the relationship forged with WWE’s partnership in the country.

However, Vince McMahon has long been known to do what’s best for business and a new report suggests that could even mean him finding himself on the outs once again. Fightful Select reported that according to WWE higher-ups as well as those “close personally” to McMahon, he would be interested in a sale that didn’t involve him staying on.

The report also notes that sources within many potential buyers of WWE have noted that a deal that involved Vince McMahon retaining control of the company could negatively impact the “sale price, leverage, and value of the brand.”

The same report noted that many potential buyers of WWE could end up looking to bring back Stephanie McMahon to the company after she resigned completely from her roles at the beginning of 2023.