Vince McMahon Had Odd Request For WWE Star Before Gimmick Change

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon wanted to see a WWE Superstar do something before changing their gimmick.

Anyone who has seen Beyond The Mat knows just how seriously Vince McMahon takes introducing a new gimmick into WWE. It’s best displayed during a meeting with the late Darren Drozdov where McMahon emboldens Drozdov to puke on command in his best over-the-top announcer’s voice.

Although that took place in the late nineties, it seems things haven’t changed too much for WWE’s Executive Chairman. Speaking on Notsam Wrestling LIVE! Riddick Moss explained how Vince McMahon wanted to see him do something before he’d sign off on him becoming Madcap Moss:

“There is a very similar characteristic between myself and the Madcap (Moss) character which is I love to just have a good time and laugh and not take anything too seriously. At the end of the day, as much as we care about all these things, it’s just wrestling and I like to have fun and that applies not just to wrestling but to anything in life. I just want to have fun and if there’s ever an angle for me to get to laugh, I go for it. There’s no doubt. Unless it’s a really inappropriate situation but even then, I think about it, you know? Can I get away with this right now?

“So I think that there was that aspect to it maybe. I think it kind of just lined up and it was a bit lucky. But I did have to show, demonstrate to Vince (McMahon) that I could laugh. So he explained the character, explained what he was looking for out of the character and then said, ‘Okay, laugh.’ ‘Excuse me?’ He said, ‘Laugh.’ ‘Haha, haha, haha! Haha!’ ‘Alright, that works. We can work with that.’”

Is Vince McMahon in charge of WWE?

Moss’ character change took place in September 2021, before Vince McMahon had his short-lived retirement from WWE. Since his return to the company in January 2023, there have been various reports suggesting McMahon is once again fully in charge. It is believed that his power in the company will be well and truly consolidated when Endeavor’s takeover of WWE is complete.

Triple H remains the company’s Chief Content Officer and is believed to oversee the day-to-day creative in WWE but there will be no place for him on the promotion’s new parent company’s Board of Directors when Endeavor takes over

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