Vince McMahon Has His “Fingers In Everything” Says WWE Star

Vince McMahon

Ever since Vince McMahon forced his way back into WWE in early 2023 many have wondered how much influence he’d wield over the company’s creative direction.

As the takeover by Endeavor inches ever closer to completion, it seems fans and those in WWE have their answer with Vince McMahon very much back in the saddle. Although not at every show these days, McMahon is said to make changes remotely and even scrapped Seth Rollins’ open challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Title that was meant to open Raw in Cleveland, Ohio.

Speaking with Sporf, Raw star Ricochet was asked about the extent of Vince McMahon’s involvement and said that McMahon is still someone everyone looks to for input:

“Vince is still involved and Vince is still talked to. He’s still someone that everyone looks to, especially with creative. So he’s got his fingers in everything too. I think Triple H and everybody in creative is just trying to do the best they can in bringing out the best in who they have. They’re trying to work to everyone’s strengths. I think that’s something that Triple H has always done.

“They want to grow the brand as much as possible. Whether it’s Raw or SmackDown or NXT. They’re trying to highlight the strengths of everybody. I think it’s been great so far.

“Everybody sees the popularity of the brand now, so they just want to expand it as much as possible. I think what they’ve been doing recently with everybody has been great. Everybody’s been going out there and giving it their all.”

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Ricochet is one of seven men hoping to claim the Men’s Money In The Bank briefcase in London, England on July 1st in the match that now features Logan Paul.