Vince McMahon Comeback Predicted By Wrestling Personality

Vince McMahon

Could Vince McMahon really return to wrestling?

On April 15th it was reported that Vince McMahon will be free to launch a new wrestling promotion in January 2025. Although there’s no word that McMahon wants to return to the business, some feel he may be unable to resist the opportunity.

Back in January, Vince McMahon was accused of sexual assault and sex trafficking in a lawsuit filed by former WWE employee Janel Grant. Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, McMahon resigned from his position on the TKO Group Board of Directors. While any connections to the company could soon be removed entirely after it was revealed that McMahon’s remaining TKO shares were up for sale.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed these reports but dismissed the idea that McMahon will return to wrestling.

“I wouldn’t put any money on it. I don’t even gamble, but I’d just go play blackjack in Vegas instead. I wouldn’t put any money on it.”

By contrast, Bischoff’s co-host Conrad Thompson thinks McMahon will be back before WrestleMania 41 in 2025.

“By next WrestleMania, I say Vince is in the wrestling business.”

Donald Trump Could Have Huge Impact On Vince McMahon’s Fate

Despite the scandal, and the sheer amount of serious allegations, a recent report claimed Vince McMahon has “moved on” from WWE and is “enjoying life” away from the company. Furthermore, he’s said to believe he won’t face charges relating to the lawsuit, instead feeling that the situation will be settled out of court.

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that McMahon could even have a backup plan. According to a different report, there’s a feeling that Donald Trump could pardon Vince McMahon if any changes are brought if he succeeds in his bid to become US President.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co