Vince McMahon Bizarrely Gives Away Kittens

Vince McMahon kittens

Vince McMahon is in disgrace after serious sexual allegations were made against him but now one bizarre detail from his post-WWE life has come to light.

Vince McMahon has been accused of sexual assault and sex trafficking as part of a lawsuit that rocked WWE. As a result, Vince McMahon was told to resign as Executive Chairman of TKO with WWE moving into a new era.

McMahon has been in the process of offloading his shares in TKO and now holds less than 5% of all stock available in that company. Vince McMahon has made the rest of his shares available for sale as all ties between him and WWE look to be coming to an end.

Following his demise, several WWE stars old and new have given their assessment of the situation. John Cena courted controversy by vowing to continue to love McMahon despite what he is accused of.

Vince McMahon – Kitten Lover?

Now NBC News has given an update on McMahon following his WWE tenure coming to an end and the report contains one bizarre detail that Vince McMahon has been providing kittens and a puppy to his friends:

For instance, on an afternoon in late March, McMahon returned on a private plane to the United States from the sunny Turks and Caicos Islands — but he wasn’t alone, according to a person close to him. He had with him seven kittens and a puppy, all of which he brought back to be adopted by his friends.

The report also noted that despite being on the outs with WWE, McMahon has been in contact with both The Rock and John Cena.