Vince McMahon Makes Appearance At WWE HQ

Vince McMahon with moustache

Vince McMahon isn’t working for WWE as much as he used to, but he was on hand for a recent party.

As the former WWE Chairman & CEO, Vince McMahon used to run WWE for 40+ years, but those days are gone.

Following the sale of WWE to the TKO Group in September 2023, Vince is no longer running the company since the Endeavor bosses are supporting his son-in-law Paul “Triple H” Levesque as the Chief Content Officer running the company.

In his current role as the Executive Chairman of the TKO Group that owns WWE and UFC, Vince McMahon is more involved on the business side of the company looking to make big deals and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Due to not being part of the WWE creative process anymore, McMahon rarely travels to WWE television tapings like Raw, Smackdown and Premium Live Events.

What Was Vince McMahon Recently Doing At WWE Headquarters?

It has been reported by Mike Johnson of PWInsider that while Vince McMahon hasn’t been at WWE Headquarters in Connecticut lately, he was at WWE’s annual holiday party that was held at the new HQ this past Wednesday.

The report noted that McMahon didn’t regularly attend WWE’s holiday party in the past, but he must have felt festive this year.Some of the people at the party told PWInsider that Vince was “approachable” and “friendly” at the party.

Vince McMahon’s role in WWE has been greatly reduced since the company sold to Endeavor to form the TKO Group, so Vince isn’t seen often at the new WWE HQ building.

Lastly, the report added that there were no WWE superstars at the party. In past year, there would be 4-6 WWE stars there, but there weren’t any of them this year.

There’s no word on if Vince McMahon performed the song “Stand Back” at the WWE HQ party.