Vince McMahon Needed Cash Ahead Of TKO Stock Sale

vince mcmahon mustache triple h

Vince McMahon looks to be sticking around in WWE — at least for now.

Speculation around Vince McMahon’s WWE future continues to swirl following his move away from creative. Back in October, it was reported that McMahon had been removed from overseeing creative, with Triple H taking full control. Then in November, McMahon sold a portion of his TKO stock, netting a multi-million dollar payout.

Both of these actions sparked rumours that McMahon could be looking to step away from WWE, however, it seems that won’t be the case.

According to a new report from Sports Illustrated, McMahon has no plans to leave the company. With regard to the stock sale, McMahon “needed to have the money liquid” instead of tied up in the company.

The report adds that McMahon works handling assignments given to him by Ari Emanuel, and the relationship between the pair remains positive.

Vince McMahon Lands Huge Payday Following Share Sale

In November, Vince McMahon sold 8.4 million shares at $76.41 dollars per share after underwriting discount and commission to Morgan Stanley. This landed the Executive Chairman $641,844,000. McMahon still holds around 20 million shares, which equates to 12% of the company, which is down from 16%.

McMahon needs to hold a total of seven million shares to remain as Executive Chairman.