Vince McMahon Appalled By Woke WWE Suggestion

Vince McMahon WWE

Vince McMahon is no longer running WWE but it seems during his time in charge he was not happy with one star’s supposedly woke suggestion.

Writing in her new book, Our Fight, Ronda Rousey recalled going against Vince McMahon’s orders to refer to herself as the “women’s champion.” While Triple H saw her point, he was the one who told Rousey McMahon was appalled by the “woke” suggestion to drop the word women from the description:

When WWE writers handed me scripts where I was supposed to declare myself the “women’s champion,” I crossed out the word “women’s” and, much to Vince’s displeasure—making even a single word change without his approval was not acceptable—addressed myself as “the champion.”

“Vince noted you dropped ‘women’s’,” one of the producers mentioned to me one night. “When the men start calling it a men’s title, I’ll start calling it a women’s,” I said. I raised the issue with Triple H. If the men didn’t need to say, “This is for the Men’s Intercontinental Championship,” why did we have to call it “The Women’s SmackDown Title”? “Good point,” he said.

He later told me had mentioned it to Vince, who was appalled. “Get out of here with that woke bullsh*t,” Vince had told him. “We’re going to call it the women’s title because they’re f*cking women.”

Vince McMahon Forced Out Of WWE

Vince McMahon has been accused of serious sexual assault and sex trafficking in a lawsuit that has rocked the company. As a result of the allegations, TKO bosses told Vince McMahon to resign as Executive Chairman of the company.

Since then McMahon has sold millions of dollars worth of TKO shares further distancing himself from the company.