VIDEO – WWE Star Steals The Rock’s Finisher At Live Event

The Rock WWE

A current WWE Superstar has attempted to take a page out of The Rock’s playbook at a recent live event but things didn’t work out as planned.

On the 15th of January in the appropriately named Corbin, Kentucky, Baron Corbin went one-on-one with Dolph Ziggler at a WWE live event. With Ziggler laid out on the canvas, Corbin took up a very familiar position as he imitated The Rock’s distinctive movements and attempted to nail his opponent with the People’s Elbow.

Unfortunately for Corbin, Dolph Ziggler had clearly seen his fair share of Rock matches and knew what was coming as he popped up and delivered a devastating super kick on the Modern Day Wrestling God to pick up the win.

Rumours have been running rampant for months that The Rock is set to return at WrestleMania 39 for a dream match with the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

However, recent reports have suggested that the real-life Dwayne Johnson’s status for the event is anything but certain due to his outside commitments, including the upcoming relaunch of the XFL.

When The Rock appeared on the first SmackDown on FOX in October 2019, he and Becky Lynch humbled Baron Corbin with The People’s Champ dropping his famous elbow drop on the then-King.