Veteran Free Agent Interested In Signing With WWE

WWE Logo over Roster

A veteran free agent wrestler is open to working for WWE and he has some specific opponents in mind.

For the past several months, there have been updates about Kota Ibushi’s wrestling future from a Twitter account called @PuroresuFlow.

That account has made it known that Ibushi, who is a former IWGP World Champion that is currently a free agent, has an interest in wrestling in a lot of places.

It was back in February when Ibushi apparently showed an interest in working for WWE, but he has also made it known that he would be better suited for an AEW run instead of going back to Japan.

A tweet from the @PuroresuFlow Twitter account has gotten a lot of attention this week with the Wrestling Observer Newsletter also mentioning the latest Ibushi update. It was mentioned that Ibushi is still interested in going to WWE with some conditions.

Kota Ibushi did have some great matches in WWE as part of the Cruiserweight Classic tournament in 2016, but he was not under contract at the time and was just used for the tournament.

Even though Ibushi has expressed an interest in WWE, he is very close to AEW’s Kenny Omega since the two men formed a tag team called the Golden Lovers that had a lot of success in NJPW when Omega was there. Whether that means Ibushi would sign with WWE or AEW at this point is unknown. The 41-year-old Ibushi may have a lot of options.